And the Big Book of Beating Ass.
   Certain characters (such as Arielian from Unquiet Waters or Quinn MacIntyre from The Cabal) have a marked propensity for fighting.  Though violence isn't always the most favorable recourse, sometimes it is the most certain one.  And--as White Wolf's staff has admitted previously--the general combat system for the World of Darkness titles is a bit lacking.  Hence was the reasoning behind their publication of the World of Darkness supplement, Combat: The Big Book of Beating Ass.

    This book--which I gladly employ anytime a physical confrontation surfaces in the game--adds extra dimension to an otherwise ordinary conflict, with a broad cast of maneuvers available for armed or unarmed combatants as well as lists of martial arts styles (mundane and supernatural), weapon proficiencies, the effects of certain supernatural powers in battle and the stats for a variety of melee weapons and firearms.  Any player who has ever slogged through a lackluster "I hit you, you hit me" sort of battle handled by a Storyteller or Dungeon Master who wasn't exactly a clever wordsmith with the narration will come to appreciate the details of Combat: tBBoBA.  After all, it stands to reason that anyone with Melee 5 should be handy with feats of swordsmanship and derring-do which would put Errol Flynn's pirates to shame, and Combat delivers such flourishes by the cartload.
A List of Handy Abilities
A Word on Techniques
Melee Techniques
Firearms Techniques
Heavy Weapons Techniques
Martial Art Styles
Unarmed Maneuvers
Melee Maneuvers
Creating new Unarmed or Melee Maneuvers
The Hit Location Chart
Combat: "What?  Another  page for my character sheet?"