Techniques: Firearms
   In this section I will cover Techniques for the Firearms skill.

    The good news is that--with the exception of the odd zip gun, there is no such thing as an improvised firearm.  So this list will be much simpler for lack of "Improvised" entries.

    Remember that firearms do not make you invincible in and of themselves.  They require ammunition to function, they're noisy, they jam, they occasionally break and they always require proper cleaning, lubrication and maintenance, lest they fail you when you need them most.  In regards to these liabilities, why bother with firearms at all?  Why not simply go with a more reliable melee weapon and be done with it?

    Simple.  Because whether you like them or hate them, no one can deny a firearm's effectiveness as a ranged weapon, and any one of them represents a balance struck between ease of use and penetrating power.  Even the worst cowards can suddenly find a degree of confidence with a handgun between themselves and danger.  And nowadays, the previous kings of the hill--the crossbow and the English longbow--only top the firearm in regard to stealth and the ability to attack without being seen or heard; Even a bullet which passes through the best of sound suppressors yields a louder report than that of any arrow or quarrel, and "muzzle flash" does not exist in the lexicon of archery.  But in regards to range, ease of aim, rate of fire and potential stopping power, the firearm shines.

    The number of Techniques gained for the Firearms skill is the same ruling as for Melee: one per each dot in Firearms, and extra Techniques to be earned later for two experience apiece.  So without further ado:

Firearms Techniques
    Any black powder weapon rendered obsolete by advances such as cartridge ammunition and autoloaders.
    While such single-shot weapons are less accurate and more difficult to reload, they are deadly nonetheless.
    Thousands of men killed at the battle of Bunker Hill can't be wrong....
Examples: Arquebus, blunderbuss, musket, British military "Brown Bess" rifle, early percussion carbine.
    Small firearms designed to be fired with one hand, and are easily holstered or concealed.  Includes both
    revolvers and semi-automatics (
aka. pistols, autoloaders and--erroneously--automatics).
Examples: Colt Python, Derringer .38, Beretta 92, SIG/SAUER P229, Colt M1911A, light crossbow (by
    virtue of design and mode of use).


Since the advent of the assault rifle, longrifles see little use on the battlefield yet remain the weapons of
    choice for delivering power and accuracy at much longer ranges.  Includes battle rifles, sniper rifles and
    hunting rifles.

    Examples:  Lee-Enfield No.4, .30-06 Springfield, Galil Sniper, M1 Garand, SVD Dragunov, heavy crossbow
    (by virtue of design and mode of use).
    Originally developed for bird hunting, shotguns are renowned for delivering bonecrushing power at shorter
    range.  Most ammunition comes in two types: scattershot (which spreads and increases the likelihood of
    hitting targets with one or more pellets) and slugs (which have longer effective range and deal horrid wounds).

    Examples:  Remington 870-P, SPAS-12, Mossberg M500, Model 1300 Defender, Ithaca Jackhammer Mk.3.
Submachine Guns (SMGs)
    These weapons are designed to be easily portable yet capable of delivering bullets in full-auto sprays and/or
    three-round bursts.  Though difficult to clean and maintain, they are quite effective at suppressing mobs.
    Gunmen who have horrible aim consider the SMG to be a blessing as well.  Includes both submachineguns
    and machinepistols.

    Examples:  M1A1 Thompson, Uzi 9mm, Micro-Uzi, VZ Skorpion, TEC-9, Heckler & Koch's MP5 series.
Assault Rifles
    The predominant military arms in the present day, these are rifles modified for repeat fire.  Unfortunately,
    full-auto and three-round-burst mechanisms require a chamber with more moving parts, a chamber which
    sacrifices muzzle velocity and accuracy over extreme ranges for the sake of increasing the rate of fire..

    Examples:  The M-16 series, M-4, AK-47, Colt Commando, Steyr AUG, FN-FAL.
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