The Big List of Combat-Related Abilities
   Here, we'll focus on the relevant Talents, Skills and Knowledges themselves.  These have been gathered both from Combat and from the collection of supplements for the eight World of Darkness titles:

Common martial Abilities*:

Athletics --
    Includes "support" maneuvers such as jumps, rolls, breakfalls, kippups, charges and groundfighting.  Is also
    used for hand-thrown indirect-attack weapons such as grenades, caltrops or any sort of "bank shot" attack
direct-attack weapons--such as darts or javelins--fall under Melee instead).
Brawl --
    Includes all varieties of unarmed strikes: punches, kicks, throws, holds and even bites and claw rakes.

(Non-Technocracy mages only) --Talent (Akashic Brotherhood) or Skill (all other Traditions).
An all-encompassing mystic style known for feats such as inhuman leaps, life-drain strikes and energy attacks.
Dodge -- Talent
    The art of avoiding harm.  Includes dodges, evasions, blocks, catches and--for werebeasts--shifting to a
    smaller form just before an enemy's attack lands.

Firearms --
    Includes all small-arms slugthrowers, from arquebusses to futuristic assault rifles.

Melee --
    Includes weapons wielded in close quarters or thrown by hand.

Uncommon martial Abilities:
Archery --
    Includes shortbows, longbows and composite bows.  Due to their design, crossbows are wielded as Firearms.

Artillery --
    Includes mortars and cannons, from old sakers and culverins to modern-day howitzers, naval cannons and
    tank cannons.

Demolitions --
    Includes explosives, whether throwing detpacks or leading enemies into well-placed or well-timed booby traps
    (usually through Manipulation+Demolitions).

(sometimes with fixed vehicular weaponry) -- Skill
    Common in use for driving, listed here for either fixed vehicular weaponry or ramming with the vehicle.

Energy Weapons
(restricted to Technocracy, Sons of Ether or Virtual Adepts) -- Skill
    Includes ranged hypertech weaponry based on forms of energy such as laser, microwave, plasma, particle
    beams, radiation, electricity, and electromagnetism (ie. Gauss weapons and railguns).  Photon blades,
    vibroblades, stun batons and other hypertech melee weapons fall under Melee instead.

Heavy Weapons --
    Includes such dangerous weapons as rocket launchers, grenade launchers and flamethrowers.

(sometimes with fixed vehicular weaponry; usually restricted to technomages) -- Skill
    Similar to Drive, but relevant to spacecraft.

(sometimes with fixed vehicular weaponry) -- Skill
    Similar to Drive, but relevant to aircraft.

(sometimes with fixed vehicular weaponry) -- Skill
    Similar to Drive, but relevant to boats and naval vessels.

Tactics --
    Not an independent Ability for combat; instead, Tactics increases the effectiveness of a massed force.
Technology -- Skill
    Rarely used for attack, mainly in the form of remote-guidance weaponry such as radio-controlled missiles.

    *Note: As of this printing, those martial art styles specific to certain World of Darkness titles--styles which usually capitalize on the stylist's paranormal powers--fall under the Brawl and Melee abilities; this includes the Werewolf styles of Kailindo and Klaive Dueling (both formerly listed as separate Abilities) as well as Kibatsumejutsu (Vampire), Martial Arts (Kindred of the East), Gae Bolga (Changeling), Pan Do (Changeling) and Ragnarok (Changeling).  The art of Do remains its own Ability for the same reason that the True Magick of mages remains separate from the "static" magicks of other supernaturals: it is primarily mental and metaphysical, manifest from a higher state of consciousness and packed with tons of mystic attacks and defenses.
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