Unquiet Waters -- A play-by-email World of Darkness campaign.
An ocean liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a leisure cruise en route to Bermuda went to the ocean floor in the April of 1971, capsized by a sudden and violent storm; While a handful of people were rescued from the sinking Emerald Princess, and many more drowned, the remainder of the passengers and crew were never found.  The only noteworthy clue to the disappearances of these people was the complete uniform and insignia of First Mate Leon Templeton, all of which washed up on the shores of Bermuda--without any trace of him--three days later.  The world suspected the deaths of these missing travellers, mourned briefly and moved on.

  But one generation later, in the summer of 1999, the children of those people now emerge from beneath the waves...as something else.  Driven from their oceanic home by some reason they can't recall, in service to lives and people they can't remember through the haze of vanquished memories, these sea people are torn between the lure of their native waters and the necessity which has driven them to walk among the land-dwellers.

  The very blood in their veins holds the key to their uncanny heritage, and the heritage holds the power to see them through a changing world which is loath to welcome them.  How much of the world has changed in the span of these 28 years?  Will the approach of the next millenium factor into their forgotten mission?  And was the sinking of the Emerald Princess mere coincidence, or is it involved with these changes in the flow of time and history?  Perhaps one day--however soon--the sea-folk shall remember....
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