...to approach the hour of eternal night.
The play-by-email campaign of The Cabal is a World of Darkness setting.  The selection for player characters is listed below, and you may find that it is quite extensive.  If you yourself wish to sample a character from a game system with which you lack familiarity, you'll find that I am quite capable of answering any questions and am willing to ease your transition to a new World of Darkness title.   All properties of White Wolf Game Studios are, well, just that.

  Few facets of the World of Darkness have been changed or removed.  The Sabbat still fetters the Camarilla.  The Black Spiral Dancers still champ at the heels of the Gaian Tribes.  The Technocracy still wages a shadow war against the Council of Nine, and the Thallain and the Shadow Court still shoulder the threat of the Endless Winter.  But these are ultimately backdrops against a newcoming menace, a vast and primordial evil to this world which will either draw the remainder of the supernatural world together...or devour it wholly and relentlessly.
  Dark gods, one may find, are removed from such trifling concepts as compassion or mercy.  There is only hunger, decay and oblivion.
This is the story behind the campaign.
This is the story of the Cabal.
   From pawns to kings to gods, they all shall come.  The possible character types are broken down--by title--into three categories:
  Welcomed: Any number of this class may be selected for use as player characters.
  Restricted: The numbers of this class are limited by storyteller prerogative, either out of respect to the rarity of the class, the sheer firepower of the class or the campaign needs regarding the class.  Storyteller approval must first be garnered for this character to enter the Lovecraftian world of The Cabal.
  Forbidden: No characters of this class will be accepted; either campaign incompatibility, proneness to abuse and munchkinism, the storytellers' lack of appropriate books, needless complication during character creation or plain old storyteller prerogative are enough to bar such classes from the game.  If a class is not listed below, assume that it is forbidden.

  Note that certain classes may only be played as Minstry characters--serving superiors in the Ministry and supporting the Ministry's interest--while others may only be played as Unbelievers--either investigating the Ministry, running from them or waging war against them.  While these restrictions may not be common, they are possible.
  Various paranormals from the World of Darkness books (this list of which presently excludes only Mummy: The Resurrection) have been touched by the Ministry--for worse or for
even worse--and either serve them or oppose them; very few take the middle ground where the souls of millions are at stake.  To peruse the details of character creation for any particular title, click its link below:
Mortals, Kin and Kine
Vampire: The Masquerade
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Mage: The Ascension
Wraith: The Oblivion
Changeling: The Dreaming
Hunter: The Reckoning
Demon: The Fallen
Campaign Addenda:
Pictures and Bios
The Omniverse
The Bestiary of Things
Unearthly and Infernal
Clues and Evidence
The Travels of the Septimi
Formulae for Rites and Rituals
The Telltale Aura
World of Darkness: Combat Mood Music Explained
Spending Experience Points Dice Pools Explained
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