The Site Log
(Or, "How Quickly Is This Beast Moving Towards Completion?")
Before June 22, 2005:  A whole lot of stuff.
June 22, 2005:  Created this log.  Later that day, I even added all these cute little pictures and icons!
    Fixed the email addresses on the main pages for both Tritonius campaigns.  The Unquiet Waters
still had my old, old SBCGlobal email address, if you can believe that!  Sorry about that, UW players.
    Removed the "Relevant Links" from the
Unquiet Waters main page.  I finally decided that these were unnecessary; The White Wolf site's not what it used to be, and nautical terms aren't that hard to look up.
    Updated the "
Mortals, Kin and Kine" page, as I've received more supplements since the list was first created.  Changeling's available types of mortals previously featured only the Kinain (mortals who are blood relatives to the fae) but now include the Enchanted (mortals who have been gifted with a touch of the Dreaming by changeling benefactors) and the Autumn People (mortals who are so saturated with Banality that their mere presence is poison to the fae).  Also, the Arcanum is now available and is seeking scholarly player-character members....
    Replaced the boring old Back buttons in each of the common pages with the super-awesome "Back To" button pics seen below.  I may use them in some of the campaign-specific pages as well. about that moon jellyfish in the Unquiet Waters button?  Cute little fellow, isn't he?  ;-)

July 3, 2005:  Created and added another entry to
Quinn MacIntyre's Clues and Evidence page.

July 10, 2005:  We welcome a new player character,
Mia "Salem" Sullivan!
Utopian Covenant page isn't a placeholder anymore....

July 11, 2005:  Archon
Quinn MacIntyre finally got his own Camarilla Itinerant page and, with it, some space for his allies and retainers.  Other Archons and other itinerant Kindred in the Camarilla's service will get pages in the future as well.
    Started fleshing out
St. Christopher's page, too.  Expanded to two pages.  Pics and bios are being created for Tomas' ghouls, mortal associates and ghostly allies.  And Helmut.  Oh yes, Helmut too....
Salem is hunted by servants of the Black Spiral.  So I gave stats, a description and a pic to one of their flagships.  Might as well put a face on the enemy, right?

July 18, 2005:  Slight editting to Paka Ch'Kiyogg's bio on the
Salem Sullivan page.
    Added linkable footprints for Salem Sullivan's future entries into the
Bestiary, the Clues and Evidence title page and the Rites title page.  Come the end of Chapter Zero, each of the three protagonists will receive a    retroactive Occult check to determine any Rites, Numinae or hedge spells which would be entered into the Rites pages.  Or maybe I'll do it as soon as it would be feasible.  I haven't yet decided which option would work out better....

July 21, 2005:  Gave each of my banners on
the Entryway a long-awaited facelift.  The Unquiet Waters banner finally gives the campaign's Vampire component a voice, and The Cabal's banner finally got rid of Caticus (good night, wherever she may be), planted me wholly in the driver's seat, swapped out for a more cosmopolitan title and took on some more graphic bad voodoo.  Let me know what you think, won't you?
    Corrected some typos and made a few text improvements to the
Septimus Walk page.

August 2, 2005:  Created the "
Whose Turn Is It, Anyway?" turn counter page.  Should be very useful.
    Deleted the footprints for Dharvo's and Morgandy's journals.  The idea was pretty much stillborn, and I'm sure I can find something better for filling the Current Events section anyway.  Player-submitted journals can be reimplemented later by the player's request.

November 16, 2005:  Woke up from a three-month hiatus, for one.  At least I feel like my creativity's batteries are recharged now....
    Added a new entry to
Tomas' Clues and Evidence page.  Enjoy the new post!

November 18, 2005:  Uploaded some new tunes to the
Music folder in anticipation of overhauling the Mood Music Explained page.  I'm still busy with burning tunes from all of my CD's after my slave drive went to oblivion and took most of my MP3's with it.  Expect a new poll soon....

November 20, 2005:  Yep...more music.  I'll recreate my music archives yet!

November 26, 2005:  Edited the
Kithain page, removed the blackouts from the linked icons for the merfolk and the murdhuacha and moved the icons around for a more spatially efficient arrangement.  One day I'll figure out how to clear up and add descriptive text to these pages....
Updates to common pages or to the pages of both campaigns.
Updates specific to Unquiet Waters. Updates specific to The Cabal.