The Surface Party and Other Sea-Folk.
Dharvo Borealis -- The charming minstrel and weaver of tales.  Each song is a tapestry, and Dharvo's powerful voice and expert fingers are the needles with which he weaves it.  Through the finery of entertainment alone can any commoner walk among the upper class of the forgotten society from which these five hail, and from such fortune he has in turn grown prow in the subtle arts of diplomacy.  All but the most mortal of enemies can be lulled into amity by the potence of Dharvo's masterful words alone.
Arielian -- The vicious and vigilant warrior.  His scars and his battered weaponry can only hint at what clashes he has weathered, and what triumphs he has attained, and how many foes have cursed him with their dying breaths.  His mindset is uncouth and savage in its veiled intensity.  He shuns eloquence and esoteric conversation as readily as he scorns the civilized world, and for that none may truly see beneath the surface and understand what dwells in his heart of hearts.
Thorn-Pike -- The noble and scholarly strongman.  His trappings and garb suggest a wearer from a more religious or philosophical stock.  Though his appearance is striking and his musculature rivals those of grapplers and ogres, Thorn-Pike is the gentle giant of lore.  Defiant of the oafish stereotype, his physical might belies a sharp mind and keen senses.  A bit soft-spoken and reserved, he nonetheless presents an alluring and persuasive air to those who would rise to speak with him.
Morgandy -- The crafty and seductive wayfarer.  What she lacks in worldliness and expertise she makes up for in charm and guile.  Forever the traveller, wanderlust forbids her to settle and rewards her inquisitiveness with a thousand secrets.  At first glance she would seem to be a mere jack-of-all-trades, but the keenest of kennings would reveal a nimbus of potent sorceries which she will one day learn--or remember--to tap, and henceforth bring great change....
Corizelda Dori Paegnarius -- The wise and cunning sea-witch.  She is her own worst enemy, fettered by scorn for herself and utter subservience for others.  Yet this deep-seated facade may shelter a slumbering magnificence of witchcraft both mundane and magical.  The mind is her playground, knowledge is her meat and drink, riddles are hers to unravel and the memories of whom--or what--she truly is may already be within her grasp....