These placid dreams and fevered madness....
King Maximillian Regalis Reilaut Ap Ailil
Sidhe Grump -- King
The mortals know him as "President Reilaut"; in the eyes of the Kithain, he answered directly to High King David before the latter's disappearance from Tara Nar and the rest of the world.  In a clever political move he suggested that his abilities to watch over the Caer Iregino freehold--Washington D.C.--would be better enabled if it and its surrounding lands were parted from the Kingdom of Willows and fashioned into a smaller province--the Kingdom of the High Marsh.  In such a shrewd maneuver King Reilaut sacrificed dominion over the fae yet gained remarkable power over the mortal populace instead.  This troubles him not, as it seems to serve his hidden ambitions quite well....
Queen Prosperia Reilaut Ap Ailil
Sidhe Grump -- Queen
Early in his first Presidential term, Maximillian Reilaut invested heavily in a new project to rebuild the small coastal city of New Cooperton, North Carolina. On the day that both sides of Congress somehow unanimously approved a Constitutional Amendment which effectively abolished term limits for the President of the United States, he decreed that the city be renamed Prosperia in his wife's honor, as a fitting gift for his Queen.  The city now serves as a gathering ground for mortal, fae and vampire alike.

For every bold, inspired maneuver her husband makes, she is close at hand. Is she merely a devoted wife and First Lady, or something more?
Baroness Hildegard Ulffrau
Troll Grump -- Baroness
From her earliest days, the lessons of her militarily inclined father stayed with her.  "Let us conduct ourselves with strength and honor," he would say, "and never let there be a devious bone in our bodies."  A former Knight of the Rose in service to King Reilaut, Hildegard Ulffrau distinguished herself not long after her arrival on American shores, playing a direct role in wresting the much-coveted city which would one day become Prosperia from the hands of the vampires.

Though she has little patience for pooka and other committed liars, the commoner Chaton Bloom has piqued her interest, and the Baroness watches over the Oasis from a distance....
Chaton Bloom
Pooka Wilder
A daughter to a great dancer and an international playwright, young Chaton vanished from the surface world when the Emerald Princess sunk en route to Bermuda, back in 1972.  Taken in by the beautiful undersea civilization which saved so many of her fellow passengers from drowning, her newfound hosts soon learned of the fae nature of her blood and guided her through the shock of her Chrysalis, gifting her with their own version of the Saining and her new identity.  She became a prow bard and performer in Undersea yet grew weary of being constantly compared to another great minstrel, one by the name of Dharvo Borealis.

Having returned to the surface world, Chaton has only aged three years in the past three decades. She and Chloris Kelpergrove now maintain one of the most welcoming Hearths in all Prosperia.
Shamus MacElroy
Nocker Grump
The Captain of the Flying Brigandier (and assorted other vessels), this wizened seafaring man chanced upon Dharvo and Morgandy...or, rather, they chanced upon him.  Thus far he has shared a few tales with these seaborne wanderers and endeavors to return to them the memories that are rightfully theirs.  His collection of trinkets and artifacts gathered from around the world can only hint at MacElroy's degree of experience.

For the most part, the Captain sails on occasion and works in his marina with his crew, including his right-hand man Jacko.  It's a way of life that he is proud to call his own.
Tilda MacElroy
Boggan Grump
The wife of Shamus MacElroy.  She is mostly seen running the small yet cozy MacElroy Inn as the cook and the hostess.  She takes an unusual delight in attending the needs of her guests and keeping the inn in a rustically pristine state.  She is hardly a doormat, however; guests are expected to be courteous and civilized while in her domain, and those who aren't can expect a swift, curt correction for their ill behavior.

Though devoted enough to each other, bickering flourishes in their relationship.  Many a time has she admonished him for wasting so much of his time on infernal inventions, most notably the
Flying Brigandier....
Lieutenant Natasha Ryeshnekov
Troll Wilder -- Knight Errant
For her day job, Lt. Ryeshnekov sports the badge of the Prosperia Police Department's Code Enforcement Division. Beyond that, she dons military attire more befitting of her Old Country and keeps watch over the city's "special" citizens.  If she claims fealty to any Kithain nobility, she is not forthcoming with such information.

Under the guise of looking for code violations among the coastline's businesses, she beats the bushes in her attempts to locate illegal immigrants of the
undead kind.  Her leads suggest that disturbing numbers of vampires from the "Ventrue" family have been entering Prosperia by naval freight, and she would know the extent of truth behind such claims....
Captain James Hook
Him?  No, nevermind.  Captain MacElroy's just a wee touch sea-crazed.  Pay the name no mind.  Captain Hook's just some old faerie tale...isn't he?
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