Mortals, Kin and Kine
General rules for character creation:
* All mortals begin with 35 Freebie points during character creation.
* All mortals not categorized under "Touched by the Supernatural" have easier access to Theurgy Numinae; while no points are alloted to Numinae during character creation, they may be purchased with Freebie points at the cost of 1 point per level of Numina.  No Numina may begin play higher than a rating of 3.  Mortals touched by the Supernatural cannot begin play with Numinae yet may earn the privilege of investing in Numinae through gameplay.
* All mortals--supernaturally tainted or not--have access to True Faith, at seven freebie points per level of True Faith.  No mortal may begin play with a True Faith higher than 3, and no one may ever exceed the maximum True Faith rating of 10.  Humanity is not tracked with mortals, but mortals with True Faith are assumed to have a Humanity rating of
at least the level of True Faith and must act the part or risk permanently losing levels of True Faith.  Experience costs to raise True Faith are [3x current level] up to rank 5, and [5x current level] thereafter.  Be sure to choose a deity before the end of character creation; Agnostics and atheists make lousy Faithful.
* Some Inquisitors are exceptions to the standard beginning allotment of 35 Freebie points and are as follows:
Brethren of Albertus begin with 33 points of Freebies and two levels in Theurgy Numinae, chosen by the player.
  Both the
Children of Lazarus and the Fathers of the Good Death are ordained vampire hunters; they receive 33 Freebies and one level of the Knowledge: Kindred Lore.  More specific forms of this Knowledge (ie. Camarilla Lore, Sabbat Lore, Tzimisce Lore...) may be substituted for Kindred Lore and enjoy a bonus of -1 (for a faction) to -2 (for a Clan) to difficulties for checks against vampires of that type, but the Knowledge then becomes less useful or even worthless against vampires of other types, Clans or factions.
Order of Saint Peter hunts mages; they receive 33 Freebies and one level of Mage Lore.  As with Kindred Lore, more specific forms of Mage Lore exist (Traditions Lore, Nephandus Lore, Order of Hermes Lore...).  Mage Lore may not be used against the Technocracy, as the Technocracy has integrated themselves into society far too well; you must separately invest in either Technocracy Lore or Conspiracy Theory instead.
Sect of Saint James begins with 34 Freebies and one level of Wraith Lore; if you have Medicine at 3 or higher for the Freebie phase, you may instead substitute Underworld Lore for Wraith Lore, provided that you play one of the "flatliners" who volunteers to be plunged into controlled clinical death for the purpose of taking glimpses into the Land of the Dead.  No, you may not begin play as one of the gnostic Saint James Inquisitors who commit suicide, intending to contact their brethren from the Other Side.  Either skip it or save it for later....
Sisterhood of Saint Claire--faith healers that they are--begin with 34 Freebies and one level of Via Medicamenti.
Sons of Tertullian begin with 34 Freebies and one level of Via Necromantiae (which now has grades equivalent to those of Via Geniorum; in light of Wraith: The Oblivion and the various strengths of wraiths and spectres found therein, it makes more sense to give Via Necromantiae levels as well...1 for a newly Reaped Lemure and 5 for a Gaunt or a Deathlord.  Banishing the Risen--while possible--will be suitably more difficult.)
* The
Sanbenito are former Inquisitors who have parted ways with the Society of Leopold over some grievance or another.  No Sanbenito may have the Cenaculum Background.  If the rift between the Sanbenito and the Society is ever mended, he may then receive the Cenaculum Background but--now distrusted by other Leopoldans--will be penalized elsewhere, depending on the nature of the separation.
* The
Arcanum is a body of intellectuals who research and catalog all things unearthly.  Naturally, the pursuit of this knowledge can easily lead to the wielding of supernatural might; Arcanum scholars have access to a plethora of powers, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

* Supernaturally infused mortals are denied Numinae yet enjoy other benefits, as detailed under the sections for their respective titles:
Ghouls receive 1 level of any Discipline available to ghouls, though with a very good reason and backstory I may even allow a Discipline from outside this range, with reasonable exceptions (sorry, no Temporis).  Ghouls are treated as having a beginning Blood Pool of 10 and regenerate one Blood point every night.
Kinfolk receive one Gift of Level One (Cliath Rank); that Gift may be either a Homid Gift or a Tribe/Fera Gift from the Tribe or Fera most closely related by blood to the Kinfolk; choose the Tribe or Fera breed during character creation.  All Kinfolk are treated as having a Gnosis of 1 and a Rage of 1, both replenished at moonrise (or sunrise, for solar Fera); choose your Gift accordingly.  All Kinfolk are immune to the Delirium as well.
Acolytes and Associates do not count as witnesses for the purposes of vulgar magick.  Their true strength lies in support roles: By lending support to a mage, each spell cast or procedure employed by that mage enjoys a bonus of -1 to the Arete/Genius check's difficulty for each Acolyte or Associate attending the mage.  Associates may not help mystics, and acolytes may not help technomancers.  Unlike the others, these mortals may purchase Numinae with experience points (though Associates must come up with scientific rationalizations for these powers).
Mediums are mortals gifted with the Medium merit.  Fetters are mortals who each link a wraith to the land of the living, usually through a strong emotional link shared with the deceased person before that person's death.  While both are still subject to the Fog (for blatant spectral apparitions and such), both may check Willpower to reduce or even negate the Fog's effect, at least temporarily.  In addition, both will receive frequent visits from wraiths, for various reasons.  Even spectres may be met, and encounters with spectres are never good news....
Kinain, though mortal, are blood relatives to the fae.  Kinain receive one level in one Art and up to three points in Realms; these may not be raised through freebies, but may possibly be raised through gameplay.  Friendly kinain may also support changelings, each reducing the changeling's difficulty to cast cantrips by 1 (-3 maximum).  The Enchanted receive similar benefits but must have Glamour regularly invested with them by a changeling benefactor or become purely mortal again; They are also unlikely to be sensed as being paranormal by inquisitive supernaturals, friend or foe.  The Autumn People wield Agendas like the Kinain and Enchanted wield Arts, and changelings may receive Banality simply by talking to or being near an Autumn Person.
Bystanders--having met the Messengers' attempts at Imbuing--have Second Sight, though they enjoy none of the Conviction or Edges that Imbued Hunters possess.  Thus is the price of refusing the call of the Hunt.
Thralls are mortals who have submitted to demonic Pacts.  Choose either two points of Attributes, four points of Abilities or one power of the demon's Apocalyptic form; while potent, these can be negated if the pact is broken or the demon is denied service.  Be warned: I will randomly determine the Torment level of each demonic patron, and if your patron turns out to be one of the Monstrous...well, you can expect a very bumpy ride....
  Common mortals (Unawakened)
  The Society of Leopold (Inquisitors):
    Albertines (The Brethren of Albertus)
    Censors (The Office of the Censor)
    Exorcists (The Sons of Tertullian)
    Fathers of the Good Death
    Gladius Dei
    Lazarines (The Children of Lazarus)
    The Order of Saint Peter
    Sisters of Saint Claire
  The Arcanum
  Touched by the Supernatural:
    Ghouls (
Vampire: The Masquerade)
    Tzimisce Revenants -- Bratovich, Grimaldi,
      Obertus or Zantosa (
Vampire: The Masquerade)
    Kinfolk (
Werewolf: The Apocalypse)
    Acolytes (
Mage: The Ascension)
    Associates / Proles (
Mage: The Ascension, c/o
      the Technocracy)
    Fetters (
Wraith: The Oblivion)
    Mediums (
Wraith: The Oblivion)
    Kinain (
Changeling: The Dreaming)
    Enchanted (
Changeling: The Dreaming)
    Autumn People (
Changeling: The Dreaming)
    Bystanders (
Hunter: The Reckoning)
    Thralls (
Demon: The Fallen)
The Society of Leopold:
    The Sect of Saint James

Touched by the Supernatural:
Tzimisce Revenants -- Oprichniki (Vampire: The

(may only choose Theurgy Numinae):
(Only by lack of the right book.)
  Hedge wizards and sorcerers
(Same reason.)
Psychics ( know...)