Hunter: The Reckoning
General rules for character creation:
* No Hunter or Bystander may serve the Ministry of Light; if the Imbuing itself didn't point out the infernal nature of the cult, then Second Sight surely will.  With sufficient ratings in certain Backgrounds, I
might allow a character who has infiltrated the Ministry to bring it down from within, but no one touched by the Messengers may serve the Ministry heart and least, not in the beginning....  (As for you infiltrators, beware: the supernaturals within the Ministry have their own ways of rooting out spies, saboteurs and other less-than-devoted followers, and sooner or later they will come for you....)
* In this campaign universe, Hunters may work their ways up to a maximum of 15 Conviction (and 15 points of Virtues) rather than the standard 10; each point in the Destiny Background will also increase this maximum by 1.  Note, however, that every point of Conviction over 10 will incur an additional permanent Derangement to represent how far from humanity the Hunter has grown.  These Derangements should be honored and acted out by the player through the course of gameplay, as always.  Expect a Hunter with 20 Conviction to be a completely alienating basketcase of a sociopath (if not a psychopath), as much a danger to his comrades as he is to his enemies and little more than a tool of the Hunt, a treacherous tool which even the Messengers cannot control.
* The maximum of 10 per Virtue still pertains.  Ergo, the only way to achieve rank 5 in any Edge Path is through the course of the story and through Storyteller fiat.
* Beginning Imbued start with 30 Freebie points, with standard Conviction ratings by Creed and 3 points' worth of Virtues (Mercy, Vision and/or Zeal).
* Beginning Bystanders start with 35 Freebie points.  The Bystanders can also use Second Sight just as the Imbued do (forget that "can only use it when actively in search of the paranormal" rubbish), but that's all they receive from their slipped Imbuings.  Having failed their Imbuings, Bystanders do not receive Conviction or Edges; they still receive the standard allotment of Virtues--which can still increase over time--but these serve simply as roleplaying aids and serve little purpose aside from that.  As with the Imbued, points of Virtue will still be awarded through the course of gameplay, depending on how the Bystander is roleplayed at critical points of the campaign.  Barring some ungodly rare and extraordinary circumstance, Bystanders will never again have a chance to become Imbued; once the Messengers have been denied, they will not return.
  The Merciful:
  The Visionary:
  The Zealous:
The Visionary:

Shamblers and any other monsters exclusive to
    Hunter: The Reckoning.  That's about it.