Demon: The Fallen
General rules for character creation:
* Note that Demon: The Fallen does not differentiate between demons and fallen angels; They're the same entities.  Unlike other games such as
In Nomine (Steve Jackson Games), in Demon there are no demons born in the Abyss, no newly-created Hellspawn who never knew the Heavens.  All the Abyss' residents have (or had) been there since they stood against the gods and were cast down for their trouble.  This should clear up any confusion
* It has been established that Jehovah is not the only god of this world, and that other gods--including Tcher'nogogorath--may have created their own angels and demons, who often wear the guises of mankind.  Take this for what it's worth....
* The Ministry of Light knows any number of rituals for demonic summonings and bindings.  Before the Gates of Hell were sundered, the only reliable way for a demon to escape the Abyss was to be called forth to this world by a mage.  Ergo, there are more demons serving the Ministry than there are Unbeliever demons or Earthbound.
* Demons serving the Ministry are required to have a Background, Merit or Flaw which allows for at least one minder, a Ministry mage appointed to watch over and control the demon (usually one of the mages who summoned the demon forth in the first place).  The relationships between minders and their demons are usually not the most pleasant sort, ranging from abusive dominance to conniving duplicity to crippling paranoia...exhibited from either party!  Rare is the demon who serves completely and wholeheartedly, and weak or complacent mages do not last long as minders....
  Certain minders may even be Old World elementalists--proficient in the mystical powers of the four traditional Elements and bearing mastery over both the Spheres of Matter and Forces.  Demons summoned by elementalist mages may receive minor additional benefits during character creation but are limited to the following Houses:  Devil (Fire), Defiler (Water), Scourge (Air) and Malefactor (Earth).
* Earthbound demons--having thrown off the shackles of Abyssal torment and escaped to Earth long ago--are considerably more evolved and more powerful than their more recently fallen fellows.  Hence I must handle each individual request to play an Earthbound with great scrutiny.  Earthbound may serve either faction, whether as liberated wanderers or as servants to one of the Ministry's previous incarnations.  (Did I say that last part aloud?  Well, pay it no mind....)
* The demon's Apocalyptic form adheres to the standard rules.  Demons of up to Torment 6 receive only the first four demonic powers for their Apocalyptic forms, as denoted under their primary Lore Path; Each point of Torment beyond 6 adds a Monstrous power of the player's choice, up to a full package of four normal Apocalyptic powers and four Monstrous ones at Torment 10.
* Beginning fallen angels start with 25 Freebie points, barring the Earthbound.
* Beginning Thralls and other mortals begin with 35 Freebie points.
  The Fallen, as Unbelievers:

  The Earthbound:

  Angels (in corresponding order to their Fallen)
    Nereids -- The Angels of the Waters
    Heralds -- The Angels of the Dawn
    Warders -- The Angels of the Wild
    Fates -- The Angels of the Cosmos
    Artificers -- The Angels of the Fundament
    Guardians -- The Angels of the Firmament
    Reapers -- The Angels of Death
  Fallen with any rank higher than Baron.
(mortal-demon progeny)
  The Fallen, serving the Ministry:
    Defilers --
    Devils --
    Devourers --
    Fiends --
    Malefactors --
    Scourges --
    Slayers --