To the desk of:
Allfather Simon Meridius
Disciple-Primus of the Ministry of Light
Re: Shepherds and wolves.

    Your Living Sacrity,

    Below I have enclosed the documents illustrating the strength of the Ministry and the present numbers of our greater Faithful and lay brethren.  For the sake of completion I have seen fit to amend your own name and that of the great Unmaker who shall lead us through the Purge; I can only pray that I have done justice to your magnificent visage.  Much of this information was gathered by our associates Jeremiah Velox, Ezekiel Haught and the layman Slagg, bless their profane names.  Here I have also taken the liberty of separating the data and categorizing our members by each region and their represented cloisters (though Slagg insists on using the deplorable term "cultist cells"; I shall ensure that he is disciplined for this discourtesy).
    Also I have denoted the Unbelievers, the heretics who would menace our righteous endeavor to return this irredeemable world to the womb of eternal darkness.  Against these outsiders we shall continue our attempts to convert.  And for those who resist conversion to our ways, we can only offer the recourse of destruction.  Tis better that we should remove the thorns from our feet than to continue onward so hindered.

    I understand that my wisdom and enlightenment are but a fraction of your own, and should these lists be in any way lacking I should pray for your merciful correction.

Your eternal servant,
Abraham Von Kessel
Abraham of the Seven Scions
Septimus of the Fourth Pillar
Document 1: The Ministry of Light
Document 2: Unbelieving throngs
Document 3: Ones removed from the board