"To the desk of:
The Council Chambers of the Septimi
Handservants to the Allfather and Bearers of the Seven Wisdoms
Re:  Infidels

    My Esteemed Lords and Mistresses,

    Enclosed are the most recent compilations of the scattered unbelieving wretches and the disparate unions of outsiders, which I respectfully submit for your perusal.  The loners are hardly worth your lofty considerations, while the organizations pose but a slightly stronger threat to our strides toward global enlightenment.  This information is current to the best of my knowledge, and I crave the indulgence to update these lists with any frequency which would please your tastes.

Ever your diligent servant,
Jeremiah Velox
Archbishop of the Order of the Nightmare Fathers--North American Chapter"

* * *

"...You may think that we're the only ones who know the truth about the Ministry of Light, but you would be wrong.  Some folks know but aren't up to the job of pushing back, some don't want us getting in the way of their own little campaigns against the Ministry and some would be quite happy to lend us a hand.  You might find supernatural freaks on both sides of the line, or you might find regular blokes like you or I; These other outsiders may or may not have agendas of their own.  So find your allies where you can, but always remember this: The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend."

--John Abbot Bellard
Founder of the Utopian Covenant, in his commencement speech to his followers. -- Alice Springs, Australia, June 1998
The Camarilla The Sabbat
The Society of Leopold The Garou Nation
The Council of Nine The Technocracy
The High Court The Shadow Court
The Arcanum Independents, lone wolves
and minor organizations.