Minor Groups
The Coven of Morrigan's Chalice The Doom Wolves
"Damn their hides! Is there anything more vexing than a coven of idealistic witches? First, they resisted our efforts in St. Louis because of our  Christian facade, now they resist us for our Truth!
  No matter. We are an army, they are but few. Soon, they shall fall to us one and all. Why, I've even heard of one who betrayed the coven to join us! We should find this turncoat and grant her the distinct honor of killing these deviant pests one at a time, in the most torturous ways conceivable."

--Jeremiah Velox
  Archbishop, Order of the Nightmare Fathers

"Archbishop Velox,
  This is the only warning you shall receive. Should you ever mention this coven's turncoat again, your stay as Archbishop shall come to an unpleasant end within my chambers. You do not want me as an enemy, Jeremiah. Obey this directive without question."

  Septimus of Rape
"Born to be wild, indeed. Their strength lies in their mobility; how often have we set about cornering this biker gang only to find that they have already moved on to the next city?
  Our diviners have confirmed our suspicions: roughly half of the bikers comprising the Doom Wolves are indeed werewolves. It seems odd that they will abandon a city without attempting to finish off any Ministry cloisters dwelling there...which leads me to wonder: are they simply sloppy in not following through with their aggressions? Or are they simply testing our defenses nationwide, like a bona fide wolf pack harrying the herd to find the weakest and sickliest of the beasts to drag down?
  If Slagg's intelligence is accurate, the Doom Wolves may be heading for our Houston cloister next. Beware, my brethren. Watch the roads."

--Jeremiah Velox
The Utopian Covenant
The St. Christopher Children's Hope Foundation
"They're somewhere in this Outback, Jim. Can't be far. I can taste it. Now, our mates are disappearin' into the bush every night and not comin' back, and I have a right gut feelin' that these Utopia nutters are behind it. Too bad all we have's this damned Stick-It to go on. Whoever these 'Messengers' and their precious Utopian Covenant are, I've a mind to shove a muzzle up their collective arse and pop one off. And all we need to do is take one of the soddin' bastards alive...."

--"Hoppin'" Matt Pendleton
  Castigator (now deceased)
"Those afflicted with blight and sickness yield themselves most readily to our numbers, for they come to us seeking hope through Christ and find something far, far greater.  Children--pliable as they are--are even more ideal as future laymen for the Ministry.  But common, legitimate grassroots charity organizations such as St. Christopher's remain persistent thorns in our side.  Those afflicted who find sufficient hope through them will not come to us.  How, then, to discredit these charities, to make them appear so incompetent, unwholesome or downright criminal that the unfortunates will have little choice but to come to us?"

--Reverend Claude Debastille
  Minister, Order of the Nightmare Fathers
Detective William Farland Z@gnu7z
N'geri Black-Claws
Professor Claudia Hubble
The Carnifex
Jebediah Horowitz
Jimmy "Shake" Feldenhoffer
Jezebel Smith
Jamai "Chickie" Sanboa
Rogue Agent Mithras
Monsignor Richard Lindemann
Dave Grubbhaus
The Toad Man
Christina Moondancer
The Peddler
Mia "Salem" Sullivan