The Utopian Covenant
John Abbot Bellard
Leader of the Utopian Covenant

Genus: Hunter
Creed: Judge
The leader of the Utopian Covenant is as shrouded in mystery as he is hated and feared by his enemies.  Having been blessed by the Messengers with the power to see the Ministry of Light for what it really is, John Abbot Bellard retreated from Melbourne, Australia and secluded himself and a small band of followers in the Outback.  For over six years, Bellard has waged a guerilla war against the Australian Ministry chapter, and he has steadily recruited other Unbelievers from around the world.  Civilian journalists--believing the Ministry's lies--have branded Bellard and the Covenant a band of terrorists, and Archbishop Gabriel Walkaway has offered great wealth to any of the Faithful who bring to him Bellard's head.