The St. Christopher Children's Hope Foundation (Page 2)
Associates, Mortal
Satin Espuez
Charity representative and lady of peace.
Genus: Mortal -- Unawakened
Bio pending...
Associates, Restless Dead
Mr. Greenhill
Bookstore ghost and former academecian.
Genus: Wraith
Guild: Proctor
Bio pending...
Half-lucid wanderer and dreamer.
Genus: Wraith
Guild: Sandman
Bio pending...
Idealist vampire whose soul endured Final Death.
Genus: Wraith
Guild: Pardoner
Bio pending...
"Helmut" (Siegfried Kauss)
Remnant of a man who became the thing he hated....
Genus: Spectre
Caste: Doppelganger
Bio pending...