The St. Christopher Children's Hope Foundation
Dr. William Randler was once a despondent man, a pediatrician whose wife Suzy had perished in an auto wreck that was ruled a suicide, though in truth it was not.  When the orphaned Tomas came to him as a patient, it was he who forged a bridge of communication between the living William and the ghost of Suzy, and thus brought both of them to peace and resolution with her untimely demise.  Filled with renewed purpose, Dr. Randler adopted Tomas and put his life savings towards establishing the St. Christopher Children's Hope Foundation, named in honor of the patron saint of children.  St. Christopher's has become a most prominent charity organization in St. Louis and aims to expand globally, funding research into finding cures and remedies for every children's ailment from cystic fibrosis to prenatally transmitted AIDS...including the Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome which once plagued Tomas, a scourge that would only end with the Embrace
Tomas Randler  [Player Character]
Charity representative, scholar and medium.
Genus: Vampire
Clan: Kiasyd
Even back in his mortal days, young Tomas was gifted with a peculiar ability: the power to perceive and to speak with the Dead.  It was also his burden that he was an afflicted child, beset with terminal illness.  Thanks to a wraith working on Tomas' behalf, a Kiasyd vampire--acting on the ideal of reaping Tomas' power and knowledge--Embraced the young medium, mending his body and sparing him from death.  Ever humane, Tomas acts as the poster child for the St. Christopher Children's Hope Foundation, and through both his callings it would seem that Tomas now has as many friends among the Living as he has among the Dead.
Dr. William Randler
Charity representative, physician and father figure.
Genus: Mortal -- Ghoul
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Arnold Bickerwood
Steadfast Bodyguard.
Genus: Mortal -- Ghoul
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Jaded victim turned bitter musician.
Genus: Wraith
Guild: Chanteur
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Voice of compassion, joy beyond death.
Genus: Wraith
Guild: Proctor
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