Individual -- Mia "Salem" Sullivan
Salem (Mia Sullivan)
Teen runaway with a dark past.

Genus:  Unknown (possibly Kinfolk, possibly Werewolf)
Tribe:  Black Spiral Dancer
Mia Sullivan was born amid squalor and decay and violence, and she has been fleeing from it all her life.  Casting the past behind at a young age, she adapted to a life of trainhopping and living on the streets, becoming known as "Salem" to those who favor her and "Street Trash" to those who don't.  But the darkness she flees is in her very blood and is not so easily thwarted.  Gang members pale in contrast to werewolves, and when the Black Spiral Dancers came to recruit her, she was wise enough to flee again.  "We are related by blood," their pack leader howled, "and one day you shall walk the Black Spiral with us!  This is your fate.  This is your heritage."  She had the good sense to not look back.
Paka Ch'Kiyogg
Twisted mentor from the spirit world.

Genus:  Spirit
Breed:  Bane -- Unknown
"You are my hands in this world," spoke Paka Ch'Kiyogg to Salem, "and so long as we are friends, I and my children shall shelter you from the Black Spiral Dancers."  Salem bears the unusual power to speak with spirits, and--she has found--spirits can make far more constant companions than people do.  But the spirit Paka Ch'Kiyogg is not the good friend it pretends to be.  It does indeed offer her respite from the Black Spiral Dancers...but only because it feels that Salem is not ready to dance the Black Spiral just yet.  Come the day that she is deemed worthy, Paka Ch'Kiyogg intends to spirit her away to Malfeas and deliver her personally unto the heart of the Black Labyrinth, confident that she shall emerge from the other side and take her place among the Wyrm's greatest champions.
Guul-Strakken (formerly Ashley Huhn)
Pack leader and modern-day brigand.

Genus: Werewolf
Tribe and Auspex:  Black Spiral Dancer
The leader of the Festering Eyes pack, Guul-Strakken serves the Black Spiral with a dozen combined Black Spiral Dancers and fomori at her beck and call.  Though Black Spiral packs far and wide have heard of Salem, it is Strakken who pursues her most ardently.  "Salem is as I once was," Strakken explains, though she answers deeper inquiries with a scornful stare.  Strakken is a bitch by reputation and by breed, a pathological sadist who will injure, rape, defile, torture or burn whatever earns her ire, and none know how much of her malevolence was seeded by the Black Spiral or how much of it stems from her years prior to the Change....