Individual -- Gavaliel
Gavaliel (aka. "Pestilence")
Unholy dealer of penance and disease.

Genus:  Demon
House:  Scourge  (
This fallen angel has been rarely seen by the Living--and those who see him may not live for long--yet is known among the Dead who lurk the halls of Barnes Jewish Hospital of St. Louis.  When he appears, he is clothed only in the tumorous hide of his Apocalyptic form, a single dark eldritch bauble dangling from his twisted neck as he appears before those slated for his vile form of judgement.  From leprosy to cholera to tuberculosis to worse, he wields a vast arsenal of horrifying diseases, all of which set in with uncanny celerity and kill with merciless intensity.

All other details--including his mortal form--remain unknown at this time.