Individual -- "The Peddler"
"The Peddler"
Wandering dealer in mystic baubles and infernal gifts.

Genus:  Demon
House:  Malefactor
Appearing as a homeless Oriental man who roves the streets of downtown St. Louis, his military duffel bag seems to be an endless source of crude materials and cast-off parts which his deft hands fashion into any number of magical trinkets. Driven by the sheer joy of creating--and not much more than that--he attaches little moral value to his fabrications or their enchantments, some helpful and some baneful.  Accepting any of his creations is tantamount to signing a deal with the Devil, but those who flatter him by promptly offering payment for his work tend to fare better than those who do not...but be warned: Not every price comes in the form of money.  Pay him now or you will surely pay him later....