Individual -- Rogue Agent Mithras
Rogue Agent Mithras
Renegade Technocracy operative.

Genus:  Mage
Convention:  New World Order
Special Agent Mithras was once a Gray Man appointed as supervisor over a small team of Men in Black, a task force charged with the objective of confirming the Ivory Tower's suspicions that a prominent religious organization--the Ministry of Light--was perpetrating crimes against civilization and trafficking in paranormal activity.  Having located the quarters of one Jeremiah Velox, his team secured the perimeter, made entry and then...nothing.  When Mithras came to, he was the only one alive, cradling his two emptied, smoking revolvers and standing among the dissolving corpses of his teammates, felled by .357-calibre gunshot wounds.  And each agent had been wearing a live collar-mounted minicam the entire time....
    Aware that he had no proof to support his claims of innocence--and that the minicam recordings asserted his guilt--Agent Mithras refused the New World Order's commands to return.  Now fleeing from his own superiors, he probes the Ministry's activities in hope of finding even one scrap of evidence which will exonerate him....
Agent Mithras is presently in Salt Lake City.