Individual -- Kiunipaddaq
Displaced Inuit wise-woman.

Genus:  Werewolf
Tribe and Auspice:  Wendigo
Kiunipaddaq is old, and she has grown jaded and weary of the world.  Though never far from the stagnation of Harano, this travelling Wendigo elder retains enough drive to work for the future of Native Americans and to address the wrongs committed against them.  When her own village in Canada's Yukon territory was poisoned by Pentex oil drilling, she set out alone in hopes of putting an end to the problem.  Though Pentex was broken up only two years later, she feared that another great evil would soon rise to take the corporation's place.  And when she tracked several fomori--formerly in the employ of Pentex--who had since been recruited into the Ministry of Light, her fears were proven right.