Jebediah and Jezebel are names cited among the Ministry of Light when reminding their peers and subordinates of the price of betrayal.  Bound together by one choice to spare an innocent life, Minister Horowitz and Castigator Smith turned against the Ministry and struck at the Faithful who stood with them.  But the child whom they were protecting was killed by the Castigators despite the efforts of his erstwhile protectors, and the two betrayers fled the scene wounded and outmatched.  Since that time, the Judicare society has placed bounties and mandates calling for the deaths of Jebediah and Jezebel, and to this day the two of them wage their own shadow campaign against the Ministry to steal, sabotage and assassinate before fading into shadows once more.  Though they both chose virtue in a moment of truth, the Ministry's corruption still festers in their souls, marking them both with curses and eventual doom.
Jebediah Horowitz

Genus: Mage
Tradition: Nephandus -- Celestial Chorus
Once a committed leader to the Jewish faith, Rabbi Horowitz grew disillusioned with the state of mankind in the modern age.  The Ministry of Light offered him the power to bring about change, and so he joined them.  Though he grew bitter and corrupt with time, one glimmer of virtue remained in him.  The Judicares came to kill Minister Stanze, a comrade suspected of betrayal--and then his toddler son.  Jebediah and one of the Castigators--Jezebel--had changes of heart and rose to the child's defense.  Alas, the child was killed in the ensuing conflict, and the pain of that failure has fueled Jebediah's crusade against the Ministry ever since.
Jezebel Smith

Genus: Hunter
Creed: Judge
Angelica Smith was once a mere acolyte, taken as an infant by Agnes of the Miserichord and groomed into service as her aide.  Angelica was trained on how to fight and how to kill, and she was soon assigned to the role of Castigator, killing two mages and capturing two during her time in service.  But when ordered to kill the child of one of her victims, she hesitated.  The Messengers chose the moment to strike, showing her the crimes she had committed, clearing her mind of social conditioning and giving her the choice between good and evil.  She chose good, and for her betrayal against the Ministry she was branded with the name of Jezebel, the name of the Biblical villainess.