The Coven of Morrigan's Chalice
Bridget O'Neal / "Meadow Wind"
High Priestess

Genus:  Mage
Tradition:  Verbena
The Witches of this St. Louis coven have a potent leader in Meadow Wind--the oldest and most powerful of the coven--and she has proven to be a thorn in the Ministry's side, with two years of healing and rescuing those beset with the Ministry's predations even before this coven was founded.  She left the Coven of Gaia's Peace long before and--after saving Clover from the Order of the Nightmare Fathers--founded this coven in the name of the avenging goddess Morrigan.
Cecilia Derecci / "Clover"
Ranger and Grovekeeper

Genus:  Mage
Tradition:  Verbena
Years ago, Clover took in a newly Awakened mage: a hermaphrodite who had come to Wicca after enduring a life of torment over those flawed chromosomes. Clover's two-sexed apprentice took the Craft name Janus--after the two-faced god--and helped Clover grow and enchant her secret grove for years. But Janus was lost to the Ministry and may yet lurk somewhere among their ranks. Clover blames herself for Janus' betrayal and spends most of her time alone in the secret grove's garden, reflecting.
Tristen Schultz / "Raine"

Genus:  Changeling
Kith:  Sluagh
The Verbena have always fostered good relations with the fae, and hence the coven was hardly surprised when the first changeling they had ever met arrived at their circle just in time for the Samhain rites. What did surprise them was the fae-blood's morose eyes and timid whispering; were faeries not supposed to be joyous and full of life? The coven wisely took the sluagh girl in anyway. Now accepted as an equal among Witches, Raine in her role evokes Mother Nature's dark side.
Diana DeFleuve /  "Merrymaid"

Genus:  Mage
Tradition:  Verbena
An elementalist at heart, Merrymaid--her Craft name a jovial play on "mermaid"--found her affinity with elemental Water. Gentle to a fault at times, she prefers to avoid discussing the Ministry and would rather focus on other coven matters. Though her duties involve calling the Coven together for rituals and other gatherings, her magicks also focus on calling forth otherworldly entities to her service...often undines, who can be seen dancing around her feet as she wades at the river's edge.
Kerry O'Neal / "Cayenne"

Genus:  Mortal - Acolyte
The youngest sister of Bridget O'Neal...Meadow Wind. When Bridget was a mere initiate, her mother--believing that Bridget was going bowling with friends--made her take Kerry along. That first coven was pleasantly amused when Kerry tried involving herself in the Midsummer rite, and she was initiated soon after. Eventually, Bridget Awakened and seized the true power behind Witchcraft, while Kerry remained mundane. Kerry--"Cayenne" to the Craft--still loves her coven yet can't help but feel a twinge of envy for her sister's powers.
Randall Kuronopolis / "Cedarhorn"
Watcher and Guardian

Genus:  Changeling
Kith:  Satyr
By Meadow Wind's design, the coven was originally meant to be an all-female coven, a refuge from men and their patriarchy. But two summers ago, Meadow Wind and Merrymaid called out to the Dreaming for guidance and were almost aghast when a strapping young man answered their calls. But the Greek-blooded Randall--himself a practicing Green Wiccan attempting to find his heritage--fit the profile of the Celtic Horned God once a spirit-divination revealed his satyr mien. He has since remained with the coven, flirting heavily with all the coveners yet reserving his true affections for the mortal Cayenne.