The Camarilla
"It's perplexing to consider how such predatory undead could have devised any sort of organization which demands any degree of mutual cooperation among themselves or self-integration among the civilized masses, but here they are all the same.
  It's known well among our upper eschelons that servants of the Ministry who perform their duties exceptionally well yet cannot grasp the cosmic strands of Enlightenment are granted the Rite of Vitae ex Sanguinus to ensure longer life and longer service.  But in order for the Rite to work, we must first acquire a vampire to serve as host to the Faithful's transformation; it seems that few ready-made vampires would convert to our faith willingly, thus necessitating the need to convert our own Faithful to this less temporal state.  Few vampires readily submit to the Rite, of course, and their bodies are swiftly disposed of once the Rite concludes, so that they can cause us no further trouble,
  The trouble, then, lies in the procurement of a healthy vampire.  The Camarilla seems to have a talent for pulling together whenever faced with a common foe--such as us--and they offer a much stiffer resistance than the scattered numbers of other vampire factions could muster.  One can only wonder whether the Camarilla are always so united or if they, like so many governments and agencies, revert to petty infighting and backstabbing once the cat is no longer at the mousehole."

--Jeremiah Velox
Archon Quinn MacIntyre
Houston New York City
St. Louis London