Itinerant -- Archon Quinn MacIntyre
Quinn MacIntyre [Player Character]
Nosferatu Archon to Justicar Cock Robin
Genus: Vampire
Clan: Ventrue
For over two centuries has Quincy Ian MacIntyre fought for the defense of others, first in defense of the colonial settlers and frontiersmen, then in defense of the Camarilla and their ideals.  One Sabbat pack after the next fell by his hand, and his promotion to Archon was a fitting reward for his service.  Eventually he was called away from his duties in California to investigate a rash of Kindred disappearances further east. Expecting another Sabbat incursion at first, it was to his surprise when he learned that Sabbat vampires were also among the vanishings, and that behind the deeds he faced a far more insidious and alien foe....
Bartholemew Holt
Vagrant Protector of the Homeless
Genus: Werewolf
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Bio pending....
Chad Pendell
Computer Savant
Genus: Mortal -- Ghoul
Bio pending....
Rico Cruz
Financial Aide
Genus: Mortal -- Ghoul
Bio pending....