The Camarilla of Houston
   A city which only caught the Camarilla's eye within the past few decades, it was only until roughly twelve years ago that the establishment of Houston's Camarilla finally came to a degree of stability; The proximity of Mexico and, hence, frequent opposition from migrant Sabbat Kindred had previously placed Houston in a state of flux and turmoil.  Prince Reginald Portman took the throne as Houston's Prince twelve years ago and established a system of communication and requisition to concentrate the influences of both the Scourge and the Sheriff--to watch for threats both within and without the Camarilla--as well as a more regimented training system so that the Camarilla office of Houston would be better able to deal with large-scale and small-scale Sabbat threats.  In doing so, Prince Portman cemented his own position and made himself invaluable to the Camarilla as a whole.  No longer able to dislodge the Camarilla from Houston, the Sabbat was forced to settle for the odd supply raid or skirmish at the city limits...until two years ago.
    Bishop Arno Asenkarov had moved to Houston at the behest of Archbishop Carmilla.  Being a genius both financially and tactically, Asenkarov attempted to lead the Sabbat down a previously unexplored path: To take Houston from the Camarilla by playing by the
Camarilla's rules.  And Asenkarov did surprisingly well, swindling the Camarilla of dozens of businesses and countless assets, and putting them to the Sabbat's benefit, assets all stolen from the Camarilla not through armed raids or hunting parties but through legitimate commerce and political influence fostered among the mortal herds.  It was clear that Asenkarov's Sabbat would likely resort to their usual predatory attacks against Kindred and kine once Asenkarov's reign had pushed the Camarilla from Houston, but Portman and the Primogen Council were unsure how to counter such a covert and legally enforceable campaign.
    But then Asenkarov's reign came to a fiery end.  The compulsively monstrous Sabbat packs beneath Asenkarov grew impatient with his scheme.  While he was finnagling against trade tariffs, his hordes were thirsting for blood.  And so, one night several packs defied Asenkarov's direct command and brutally raided a trucking dispatch which served the Camarilla.  A subsequent series of failed negotiations and minor skirmishes ultimately came to a head during a Conclave at the Rosemont Theatre; The building burned to the ground, claiming the unlives of scores of Kindred and ghouls and leaving both Camarilla and Sabbat bereft of their leadership, including Prince Portman and Bishop Asenkarov.
    Egon Heldenburg--Portman's childe and Ventrue Primogen--left his Primogen office and accepted the nomination for Prince of Houston.  Through his reign he has attempted to restore the Houston Camarilla to their previous stability, and he has succeeded to a noteworthy extent thus far.  But a recent rash of disappearances claimed a number of Kindred from the Camarilla and possibly the Sabbat as well.  All efforts to locate the missing Kindred have proven useless, with Sheriff Reese and his cohorts chasing false leads or swinging at shadows.  Dreading a new offensive from enemies unseen--possibly Sabbat, or possibly someone else--Prince Heldenburg swallowed his pride and sent a request for emergency assistance to the Justicars and the Inner Circle.  Soon, Archon MacIntyre was dispatched to look into the vanishings.  He entered Houston, armed with only rumors and speculation about what foes awaited him....
Central Leadership The Primogen Council
The Lower Ranks The Missing