"Not everyone from our ranks persists without sacrifice.  Some cross the laws of the land and are locked away beyond our reach.  Others are crippled or debilitated beyond their power to serve.  And others still arrive at Death's door, to face what fate awaits them on the other side.  Of these, some are pointlessly felled by their own weakness or foolishness; Let Darwin's order of natural selection rear its head.  The rest of the lot we shall honor and praise in memoriam, for the Ministry of Light could never possibly realize our ideals were our ranks filled with cowards and faithless dogs.  So let us give gratitude to those who sacrifice themselves for our advance, and let us curse and profane the names of those who do likewise for our enemies."

--Anise von Fausthammer, Archbishop,
The Order of Winter's Blade
In a sermon to her immediate Faithful.
The Slain The Vanquished