Worlds Beyond Worlds
An Omniverse of Infinite Universes.
   Presently, player-characters beginning play in The Cabal may choose any of eight cities in which to begin the campaign: six common to both factions and two solely dedicated to each, seven of them native to our own familiar world and one of them native to the dread world Gal'Agyssunon.  Any Undecided characters (to be kept rare in this campaign) would be limited to the "purple" contested cities where interference from infidels has kept the Ministry's influence from gaining completion.

    Earth's realm is the most hotly contested between the Ministry of Light and the infidel resistance.  There are several parallel worlds (and the expanses between them) available in the campaign at this time, ready to be explored.  Each available realm has a description linked to the crumbling sorcerer board below; Clicking on certain separated tiles will take you to each realm's description.

    Though many planes are neutral, balanced, subjective or contested territory (and are designated with gray tiles), cosmologists familiar with the existence of those realms have classified some as negative planes--or Hells--while others have been separated into positive planes--or Heavens.  Hells are rife with dark powers and are typically inclined to atrocity, suffering, torment or other evils, while Heavens are steeped in more benevolent powers and may offer peace, contentment, enlightenment or other forms of respite from the many trials of one's existence.

    The Shadowlands are another tale.  While the Living would consider the Shadowlands to be a Hellworld by virtue of its bleakness and inhospitability alone, necromancers and others who truck with the spirits of the Dead are quick to oppose such shallow judgements for whatever reason.  While the necropolis of Stygia is not all that hostile towards those living
or dead, the Tempest which engulfs or hurls away most visitors renders the Shadowlands one of the most difficult planes for cosmologist outsiders to visit.

    Nor do the Dreaming, the Void or the Oblivion exist as worlds in and of themselves, but as entirely different cosmic bodies.  Click on each for a more detailed description of its nature.
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