The Earth realm casts a reflection across the omniverse, and the dark looking glass which catches that reflection is Skar'Orgorod.  Many mages and werewolves and other wielders of magick fashion mystic portals through mirror glass; Let them take caution with such workings, for every mirror serves as a window through which Skar'Orgorod peers into this world.

    Those who dare the venture to Skar'Orgorod will find a current reflection of what lies on Earth, with each road and tree and skyscraper where it should be.  But Skar'Orgorod's very essence is desolation, and the entire world is a wasteland where the snow always drifts, the ice never melts and the mimicked details of its scape are but wan and insubstantial mirages.  Buildings appear long abandoned, trees are wasted and bare, and the people are merely featureless apparitions who vanish as soon as one draws near to them.  While cosmologists have claimed that Skar'Orgorod is no mere outworld but exists--however incomprehensibly--as a sentient organism whose intelligence manifests in and guides the shades, no substantial evidence has come forth to support such speculations.

    The sky is gloomy and forever on the edge of night, and the air itself seems to dull the senses.  That air is enough to sustain life, but food is scarce and all the water exists purely in its frozen state.  Visitors to forlorn Skar'Orgorod will find survival difficult, but survive they must...for anyone who perishes in the world beyond the mirrors will rise again as yet another phantasmal remnant to be added to Skar'Orgorod's collection of shadows.
There is presently no map of Skar'Orgorod, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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