Shortly after the time of the Creation, when the world was young, a fragment of that primordial state was torn away and cast adrift in the Void.  In time, that fragment was shaped by the earth goddess Gaia's hands into a refuge for all which would pass into the prehistory which predated mankind's passage into civilization.  And that refuge for the prehistoric Earth and all its living things was named Pangaea..."all the land," or "all things under Gaia".
    Cosmologists continue to debate if Pangaea should be counted among the Hells, for it is a world of primordial chaos ridden with carnivorous beasts and reptiles, with the only inhabitable regions of its one great supercontinent sandwiched between the Triassic period's volcanic tracts and tar pits along the equator and the Ice Age's encroaching glaciers rooted in the vast ice caps at either pole.  Survival in Pangaea is governed strictly by Darwinian law in an otherwise lawless world, and the strong prosper while the weak are usually felled by sickness or predators.  Cosmologists are free to debate the nature of Pangaea until the end of time, but such arguments are ultimately pointless.  Like Gaia herself, the realm is not good, nor is the realm evil.  It is simply Pangaea.
    Though some evolution has occured sparsely throughout Pangaea, much of the flora and fauna exist in their ancient states.  Across the icelands to the far north, packs of smilodons continue to bring down wooly mammoths.  Towards the equator, brachiosaurs still hide submerged in the great lakes, wary of the lone allosaurs and the packs of Utahraptors which at times roam the shores yet leaving themselves exposed to aquatic predators like the sarcosuchus.  Foot-long dragonflies flit among the ancient ferns, and even two distinct races of primitive man have established colonies in the higher valleys and caverns.  From Orosirian to Ordovician to Caboniferous to Triassic to Cretaceous to Pleistocene, in one form or another it can all be found here.
    Contrary to what one might believe, human-sized visitors to Pangaea have little to fear from such specialized or collosal predators as the smilodons and the tyrannosaurs; Such creatures are better equipped for pursuing larger prey capable of wholly feeding their packs or satisfying their voracious appetites.  Unfortunately, humans are just the right size to make an ideal snack for dilophosaurs, velociraptors, dire wolves and other comparably sized hunters....
    Pangaea's supernature is evident here as well.  It was in the primitive world that the shapeshifting ancestors of werewolves, werecats and other werebeasts evolved to serve the roles appointed by Gaia.  As if in harkening to this, werebeasts who enter Pangaea have been known to be stripped of such trifling distinctions as their Tribes, and their various forms become larger, coarser and more barbaric.  Human forms become those of broad-boned cavemen, lupine forms grow even more feral and dire as their teeth and claws easily double in length, and the dreaded Crinos war-form becomes a loping, horrifically huge monstrosity capable of killing apatosaurs, perhaps even singlehandedly.
Even humans and their supernatural offspring will revert to a more Cro Magnon appearance with the passage of for otherworldly beings such as the changelings, who will revert to more savage or more alien versions of their fae mien during their stay in Pangaea.  As for the Fallen, nobody knows, as no fallen angel has yet appeared in any parallel shade of Earth as it was before the Fall.
    Pangaea also exists in a time before the dark, frightful and deranged Elder Gods were defeated and cast into the Deep Void by their descendants.  Were these primordial Elder Gods known to the primitive human tribes of Earth, perhaps even openly worshipped?  Can evidence pointing to the shapeless and undefined history of the Slumbering God be found here?  In order to keep the future of the world safe from the Ministry of Light's hands, must the world's unknown past be first explored?
    Neither sibyl nor soothsayer nor paleontologist nor occultist knows that answer.  Only Pangaea knows.
There is presently no map of Pangaea, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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