Turn back.

    This is the Oblivion, the cosmic black hole from which nothing escapes, the cancer in the Void which consumes all that it touches, the singularity formed from death or nothingness or eternal darkness which was somehow compacted together into one dense blot on the face of Creation.  Even the spectres spawned from those souls half-eaten by Oblivion have not escaped.  They--all of them--eventually return.  There is no escape from Oblivion, no exit, no rescue. 

    Death beyond death.


    The end of all existence.


    Even the gods do not tread here.  What chance of survival do
you have?

    Stay away...
far away.  Do not come here.

    Turn back.

    Before it's too late.
There is no map of Oblivion, and there never will be.  You have come to Oblivion.  You are finished.
to The Cabal
to the Omniverse.