Green crystal which defies geological description forms the land of Koa Lohun as well as the vast emerald shell overhead which contains her starlit sky.  There is no sun in Koa Lohun, but rather there hangs in the sky a radiant crystal planetoid which casts its soft, omnipresent light in all directions.  The only water which flows here is perfectly pure, radiant with the sparkles and gloaming refracted through the crystal beds beneath the rivers and lakes.
    Koa Lohun is the living crystalline realm of Eanyss, a minor earth goddess who claimed most openly that the mad gods who had only just been banished to their remote prisons in the Void would one day return to devour all Creation.  Her words angered the high god Ahura Mazda, who was offended with the very notion that the sentence they had imposed on the much-abhorred mad gods could be anything less than complete, perfect and interminable.  For her daring utterance, Eanyss was banished to her own pocket universe, where she would anger the other gods no more.
    Ahura Mazda thought that she was speaking as a pessimist or a curmudgeon.  In truth, she was speaking as a prophetess, a seer of visions.
    Any half-serious occultist may understand that crystals have a primitive mind and lifeforce of their own.  And it was through the crystalline web across Creation that she glimpsed into the future, to a time when the dark gods return to Creation's chessboard and win, casting all into eternal darkness.  Eanyss' vision had come to an unexpected end when the towering crystal in which she scryed beheld the gaze of the most powerful mad god among them, the one who appeared to lead the upheaval against the High Gods.  The last image she saw was that of the dark god's eyes looming over Earth's horizon, eyes which numbered in the hundreds and peered into the depths of her own eyes through the crystal's face.  Even across such expanses of space and time, the monster god's gaze shattered the crystal utterly and sent Eanyss into torpor for over one-hundred years.
    She then awoke and went to the other High Gods with words of what she had seen through her scrying.  And Ahura Mazda cast her into Koa Lohun for her trouble.
    Koa Lohun now exists as both her prison and her home.  She has made the best of her situation by crafting the realm into a world of crystal, wisdom and respite.  There is no ambient temperature, as it clings to each visitor and changes to suit that visitor's perceptions.  And each crystal face holds a fragment of knowledge or insight which can be learned by the aware and contemplative occultist.  In this capacity, Koa Lohun exists as a library of Eanyss' subtle wisdom.
    Sadly, few Heavens are perfect.  A portion of Eanyss' mind was stricken with madness when she met the Slumbering God's gaze, and she has passed this flaw into her creation by perversely compensating for it.  Obsessed with casting off the burdens imposed by both Ahura Mazda and Tcher'nogogorath to achieve perfect bliss, Eanyss' insurmountable desire for this bliss and freedom from torment has been captured by the crystals of Koa Lohun, which in turn radiate her vision of perfect contentment into the minds of all visitors to the realm.  Doubt, grief, anger, sorrow, strife...all of these are drowned beneath the waves of perfect joy which eminate from the heart of the green planet.  The danger in this comes to those who remain in Koa Lohun for so long that even such lifesaving concerns as eating, hygiene and exercise become trivial.  And those with pressing business in other realms may allow those tasks and duties to fall into neglect once they become focused on nothing more than lying down in Koa Lohun's radiant green fields, drinking in Eanyss' many knowledges with every waking moment and slumbering through perfectly pleasant dreams.
    Those who cannot free themselves from this rapture eventually waste away and perish; Their bodies die, but their minds do not.  Within a day the shifting crystal surface of Koa Lohun grows over the corpses, and the victims' psyches and essences become one with Koa Lohun and, from there, one with the vast mind and eternal wisdom of Eanyss.  Even the minds of vampires and other undead go to join Eanyss as their bodies wither and slip into eternal Torpor within their crystal tombs.
    After that, there is only bliss.  Sweet.  Fulfilling.  Endless.  Eternal.  Bliss.
There is presently no map of Koa Lohun, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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