A small, unhallowed blight of a world, even among the many Umbral Realms.  The iron-heavy earth here bleeds into seas of rippling magma, and water--scarce as it is--must be gathered from rivulets of steam condensing in caverns and tunnels at the polar rockcaps.  Originally, a party of psychonauts--the Ministry's transplanar colonists from Earth--found their way to this realm; settling on the continent now known as Portahellos, they originally looked to the ruins and spires rising against a sky filled with howls and wails, concluded that the land was none other than the fabled island city of Dis and named this realm accordingly.  Only when the world's sentient inhabitants arrived soon after did the settlers learn its true name.
    Inevitably, the surviving colonists either fell to suicide or spiralled into gibbering madness, perversely prompting the Ministry to launch crusades of mages, vampires and mortal acolytes into Gal'Agyssunon until the native fiends were driven to submission. Gal'Agyssunon has since been groomed into the veiled heart of the Ministry, a final stage of retreat for the Faithful should all else somehow be felled by enemy hands.  The remote island of Ma'Elterros is host to Agonon--the iron tower of Simon Meridius, a most forbidden sanctum where even his beloved Septimi could court horrifying deaths through the merest of trespasses.
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Only Unbelievers may begin the campaign here.

Only the Ministry's Faithful may begin the game here.

This land is contested; characters of either faction may begin the campaign here.
Land's Edge, Portahellos.
Land's Edge:  Nestled between two colossal lava flows, this city-state harvests pig iron and burnt carbon as capably as it harvests Bane spirits.  But as home to the greatest of the realm's Shallowings--anomalous portals through which one may transcend to the Earth realm--this infernal city is so near to the Ministry's black heart, and eternally wary must the Faithful be against ambitious traitors in their midst....
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