Erebus exists as a land of perpetual darkness and torment without respite, where the twisted monsters--driven mad with ceaseless agony--are legion, and their howls, snaps, snarls and tortured wails are enough to fill the sky with their chilling song, a chorus which oddly peals with a grim, surprising melody against the eternal night.  By many accounts, Erebus serves as the throne to the Wyrm, the force of corruption and decay omnipresent throughout the many worlds.  That the Black Spiral Dancers and other monsters make horrid pilgrimages to Erebus and host terrible rituals in its darkness stands as testament to the sheer malevolence which infuses all in this world.

    One of the Ministry of Light's best-kept secrets is the cosmic warren in which their Slumbering God now lies in torpor.  Precious few know the unholy realm where Tcher'nogogorath awaits the day of its awakening, but its tentacles certainly stretch and burrow through the very earth of Erebus.
There is presently no map of Erebus, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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