The cradle of the human race--on a multiversal level--and ultimately the battleground of the greatest import, for it is this realm from where the most sentient souls may be gathered for the Ministry's ends.  The Ministry's dark masters will readily spread any lie, corral any sinner or commit any atrocity by way of claiming this cosmic gem--and its inhabitants--all for their infernal lord.
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Only Unbelievers may begin the campaign here.

Only the Ministry's Faithful may begin the game here.

This land is contested; characters of either faction may begin the campaign here.
Calgary, Canada New York City, USA London, Great Britain Rome, Italy Tobuk, Saudi Arabia
Salt Lake
City, USA
St. Louis,
Houston:  An industrial mecca and a corporate paradise, this city--if claimed--could fatten the Ministry's coffers tenfold.  And its astronomers' outposts could be geared to draw the notice of things best left undisturbed....
St. Louis:  Steeped in tradition, this old Midwest city squats alongside no fewer than three great rivers and is truly the Gateway to the West.  Dark rumors hint that the supposed mystic properties of the St. Louis Arch may lend themselves to darker entities....
Salt Lake City:  The Book of Mormon birthed what may be seen as a wayward Christian sect, an offshoot of an offshoot.  "How easy would it be," reason the Septimi, "to goad such folk into taking the next and final step?"
Calgary:  Though this city is contested, the Ministry has had a more difficult time taking root here.  The Canadian government seems to inflict less disillusionment on their people, making for fewer desperate or spiritually bankrupt converts.  And then there are the higher numbers of Wendigo werewolves in Canada, keeping watch from the shadows.  But then, Archbishop Velox does love a good challenge....
New York City:  To the Camarilla's credit, the prolonged clash with the Sabbat has resulted in a more alert Camarilla office here, and it is their efforts at guarding the city which repel many enemy Kindred and even other supernaturals.  However, though the Ministry prefers to convert their own Faithful to vampirism, rumors persist that they have recently extended an olive branch to the Sabbat's less bestial and more enlightened followers....
London:  The Ministry perceives this ancient city as a gateway to and from the European continent, and hence places high value in its subversion.  There are many museums and historical collections here, some thick with mystic artifacts and arcane texts....
Rome:  The Society of Leopold--globally centralized in Rome--has had centuries of experience with ferretting out supernatural influences and expunging them. While the proliferation of these holy orders ensures that the supernatural agents of the Ministry will find no welcome in Rome, it also ensures that supernatural Unbelievers will face trouble from the Society as well.
Tobuk:  Here, Archbishop Al'Razhid has realized a grand scheme.  The lower classes of the Islamic world are typically ignorant, easily swayed by religion and zealous to the point of suicide...making them ideal for use as shock troops, given suitable training. What few mullahs would contest the Ministry's work in Tobuk have already been eliminated, and so the Order of the Sundered Messiah continues its endeavor unopposed.
Shackletown:  Hidden deep in the Australian Outback, an enigmatic circle of Unbelievers cobbled this crude shanty town to lend food, shelter and survival training unto refugees and former captives fleeing the Ministry.  But how soon until the Order of the Carrion Heart uproots this nest of righteous opposition?
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