The Dreaming is the focus of one of the oldest chicken-and-egg riddles in existence: Was the Dreaming created by the collective dreams and nightmares of the human race, or was it the fae born of the Dreaming who brought those selfsame dreams and nightmares to the human race?

    The Dreaming is a parallel realm of boundless creation, constant change and infathomable chaos.  The land, the seas and the wildspace of the Dreaming shift and change constantly as old ideas are lost to the mists of time and new ideas are forged in their stead.  It would seem that anything can appear or occur in the Dreaming, whether purple clouds, fishes which dance and sing, houses fashioned from playing cards or horrid monsters who lurk in every closet and beneath every bed.  As such, the Dreaming is a plane of ultimate, unbridled madness draped in the powers of life and creation, and visitors to the Dreaming--even the changelings themselves--do often find this state both enrapturing and frightening at the same time.
The scape of the Dreaming is forever roiling and changing, with precious few points of stability (such as trods).
Ergo, the Dreaming is utterly impossible to put to cartography, and there will never be a map of it.
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