This infamous realm has earned many names.  Aresumantra.  Horrward.  Marslund.  The Bladed Harvestland.  The Endless Warfield.  The War Realm.  Strifelands.  Valhalla.
    Like so many other realms, this eternal Battleground is littered with incessant battles which mirror every war, every skirmish, every armed conflict which has ever transpired on Earth.  Or presently transpires.  Or eventually
will transpire.  And over the ages, the growing number of violent clashes on Earth has caused some of these reenacted conflicts to blend together.  One who visits the Battleground might observe Prussian horsemen firing on Breton archers, Zulu warriors charging Cortez' conquistadors, and modern street gangs clashing with territorial Cro Magnon tribes as Fokker biplanes exchange fire with futuristic gunships overhead.  Even allegiances are inconstant here; Roman legionnaires might ally with Viet Cong guerillas one day and raise phalanxes against them the next.
    Even if some of the battles seem one-sided, there is little to fear.  For in the Battleground, all who are struck down in battle mysteriously rise from their graves and their funeral pyres with the next sunrise, with their bellies filled, their weapons cleaned and sharpened, their ammunition replenished.  A disconcerting number of Kindred have found their ways to the blood-drenched Battleground through one means or another; They are joyed to find that the red sun of this world causes them no harm, yet many of them are disquieted with speculations on whether or not the horrifying Dracula who continues to ply his warlike role in the Battleground is a mere fabrication of this realm or the real warlord himself.
    Technically, the bloody Battleground is one of the Hells...but one man's Tartarus is another man's Elysia.  While pacifists chant General Sherman's mantra and flee screaming for their lives, those who fancy themselves to be warriors may plunge eagerly into the fray, especially once they learn of the Battleground's laws.  Though the pain and the wounds they suffer are real, those maladies--like death itself--soon end.  What's more, though the Battleground would at first appear to be nothing more than an anachronistic killing field, those mystics who find pause to meditate among the realm's countless battles may quickly find that the Battleground has answers--albeit martially inclined ones--for many questions.  How was the seige of Orleans won?  Who delivered the blow that killed General Custer at Little Big Horn?  Are the stories of Cro Magnon man committing "ethnic cleansing" against the Neanderthals mere lies?  Was your uncle who died in Vietnam killed by his own men?  Will mankind ever colonize Mars, and would that colony ever wage war for its independence?  Find your focus in the Battleground, and you may soon witness the conflict in question taking place before your eyes.
    Even the shadow wars of the Awakened are not exempt from the Battleground's living tales.  The Fall of Mistridge, the Anarch Revolt which supposedly claimed the Tzimisce Antediluvian, the Night of Iron Knives which forever stained the good names of the sidhe, the Assamites waging civil war among their Clan for control of Alamut, the werewolves' countless assaults against the Pentex structures along the Amazon Valley...and these are just the battles of the past and the present.  But the future's wars may manifest in the Battleground as well;  Astute vampires note with concern the rise of a powerful Antediluvian from the soil of modern-day India, having spread his chaos for a week, now indignantly fending off the Technocracy's Aurora fighters and their seemingly endless waves of shock troops, and the mages observe with concern--or even dread--as legions and war machines of that same Technocracy lay waste to the Council of Nine's seat of power--Doissetep--and bring the 2,000 years of Master Porthos Fitz-Empress' life to a sudden end;  For now, only the Battleground will reveal whether the archmage and overlord to the Council of Nine was felled by Technocratic engines or by his own hand, for neither the Council nor the Technocracy will speak of the matter even once the event has passed.
    There are few happy endings in the fields of warfare, it seems.  Unless, perhaps, one stands among the victors.
There is presently no map of the Battleground, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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