Before the dawn of Christianity, the indigenous Pagan populaces of Europe fostered forms of magick which embraced the powers of Nature and the living world around them.  These mages--the witches and druids who would one day comprise the ranks of the Verbena--were joined by another mage, and a powerful one at that: Lilith, cast out by Adam, spurned by Caine, enlightened by Lucifer and banished from Paradise forevermore.  The wise women welcomed Lilith among them and birthed the Seasonal Realms of the Verbena, with Lilith governing the realm of Eternal Autumn.  During the Burning Times and other periods where Pagans met torture and death at the hands of Inquisitors and other witch-hunters, the Verbena redoubled their efforts to lead refugees into the Seasonal Realms, under the condition that the refugees were never to leave.  Compliantly, these refugees made no effort to return to Earth, instead mating, multiplying and populating the Seasonal Realms.  For reasons unknown to even the foremost of the Verbena, the realms of Spring, Summer and Winter seem to have left the Tellurian, and Lilith has vanished from Eternal Autumn.  Despite such foreboding portents, one of the elite Verbena covens continues to watch over and lead refugees to Eternal Autumn; It is there that visitors will find themselves surrounded by the Verbena's idea of Utopia, with living cities among the endless Autumn treetops and animals cavorting with tribes of naked, wild-haired humans--formerly civilized folk who have since reverted to a more primal state beneath the watchful eyes of their sorcerous benefactors.
There is presently no map of Eternal Autumn, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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