Autochthonia is an eternally expanding realm of machines and technology which serves as the prime retreat of the Technocracy, who discovered this parallel world centuries ago and continue to reap its benefits.  Autochthonia exists as a reflection of technology and its ceaseless evolution, on Earth and possibly in other worlds as well.  The landscape of Autochthonia is a scintillating amalgam composed largely of metal, glass and plastic.  The cacophony of electric hums and the metallic grinding of gears blanket the ozone-heavy sky which channels the steely shine of the colossal Dyson sphere in which it is encased.  Every tangible form of technology that exists, has existed or will soon exist is assimilated into the body of the machine-planet, and rumors among the Technocrats insist that the Computer--the sentient Superintelligence which serves as the heart of Iteration X--resides in its own pocket subdimension within Autochthonia, awaiting the day that all mankind enjoys--or is enslaved to--the perfection of a world controlled wholly by machines.
There is presently no map of Autochthonia, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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