The Atrocity Realm is one of several parallel worlds which exists as a reflection of Earth, and this world is a dark reflection indeed.  Every horrific crime against humanity is recorded in the Atrocity Realm, becoming another piece of the landscape for all time.  Every savagery, every torture, every rape, every murder, every genocide...every such act leaves its imprint on this horrifying world.  In this capacity, the entire world serves as a screaming, bleeding testament of the depths of cruelty to which mankind is capable of stooping, and exists as a museum of man's inhumanity to man.  The cremators of Auschwitz still burn and cast their smoking stench into the dark heavens as they mutely overlook a scarlet mountain of beating hearts pulled from thousands of human breasts by the Aztecs.  The tattered remains of My Lai village squat but miles away from the mass graves filled by the reign of Idi Amin.  And war-torn fields still sport grisly crops of writhing, impaled victims left in the wake of Vlad Tepes' crusades, overshadowing the sprawling lowlands which lie littered with the many nude, blood-drained corpses of tortured virgin girls, the casualties of Elizabeth Bathory's failed quest for eternal youth.  These horrific exhibits are quite alive and--more often than not--very much dangerous; Visitors to this world must exercise the greatest of caution, lest they become the next permanent installments in the morbid menagerie that is the Atrocity Realm.
There is presently no map of the Atrocity Realm, as no player characters have yet explored it.
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