Rites, Rituals and Sorceries.
   Magick is so often the Ministry of Light's greatest asset...and the strongest weapon which can be used against them.  Universally speaking, the magicks of the Ministry have a decidedly satanic feel to them; The magicks wielded by Unbelievers draw on the powers of Light as often as they draw on the powers of Darkness.  All such powers are valid and even quite potent...but first that power must be wielded, and usually through the proper evocations.  Mages, of course, need not orchestrate mystic rituals to bring about their sorceries but nonetheless do find such established Rotes to be very useful.

  Each rite or ritual learned by an individual is one more link to arcane power...and one more obligation through which one must grapple with powers beyond mortal ken.  Let novice dabblers of the occult beware....
Quinn MacIntyre Tomas Randler
Salem Sullivan