Clues and Evidence -- Tomas Randler
Embroidered chalice cover, from Monsignor Hormann's rectory quarters, Church of St. Barbara, St. Louis, MO, USA (Despite the schism between Protestants and Catholics, Msgr. Hormann has evidently donated church funds to, received education from and acted on behalf of the Ministry of Light, supposedly a Protestant organization.  The crude handmade embroidery seems to have been a gift from one Reverend Debastille during a Ministry-sponsored sabbatical of some sort.)
Psychic message scrawled on the wall of Room 132, Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO, USA (With the Kiasyd-borne powers of Mytherceria, Tomas discerned the supernatural taint in the room which was likely connected to Rosie Fenmore's death, and determined that Rosie's tormented ghost would find no peace until the one who imposed her fatal disease was stopped.  Tomas' wraithly ally Irene then opened his mind to something which he had seen in Rosie's room yet hadn't realized that he had indeed seen it....)
Photograph which accompanies a literary account of one of the Schwarzer Kreis' warding rites against the Atrocity Realm (A deeper perusal of Tomas' book "Himmler's Candle: Occult Practices of the Third Reich" reveals the pieces of the formula to the rite of Lösen Begrenzen zur Schmerzwelt.  This Ritus--devised by Heinrich Himmler's circle of occultists charged with wielding dark sorcery against the enemies of Nazi Germany--is fueled by the might of the invoker's will and is capable of wounding and driving away entities native to the Atrocity Realm.  A rod of pure iron inscribed with this Runic passage is one of the components for the Ritus.