Clues and Evidence -- Quinn MacIntyre
Facsimile of panel recovered from damaged exterrestrial vessel, downed 2 miles off the coast of Galvaston, TX, USA (Facsimile provided via email by the Nosferatu "Giorgio."  Present whereabouts of Giorgio and the original xenotech scrap are unknown.)
Charcoal rubbing of the inside of the dumpster corral for the Bristol Restaurant on 11th Street, Houston, TX, USA (Rubbing taken by Hondo Reese--the Camarilla's Sheriff of Houston--and provided to Quinn by way of Prince Heldenburg.)
Representation of the reconstructed circle of stones adjacent to Hwy 10, roughly four miles east of Houston, TX, USA (The site where Corbin Riotti allegedly vanished.  Though the stones had been broken to pieces and scattered across the field, Quinn MacIntyre and Hondo Reese were able to gather and reassemble most of the fragments.  The red question marks indicate letters or characters which were rendered illegible or damaged beyond Quinn's ability to restore them.)
Angel pin taken from the body of Minister Halliford (Quinn MacIntyre and Hondo Reese found five followers--possibly cultists--and their leader pillaging Ruby McClure's residence.  The leader, Minister Halliford, was quickly discovered to be a sorcerer, and after a brief skirmish Quinn struck the mage down.  This was the pin recovered from the lapel of the slain minister's overcoat.)
Flyer recovered from the Church of Gethsemane, Houston, TX, USA (According to Bartholemew Holt, this is one flyer taken from several stacks of flyers in the church's main entrance vestibule, stacks of flyers ready to be distributed citywide by the church's staff, parish and volunteers.)