"The Bestiary of Things Unearthly and Infernal"
   Somewhere there exists a copy of this work, compiled during the tragically brief lifetime of one Professor Cornelius Braddock--a forerunner spiritualist, parapsychologist and investigator of the occult.  Professor Braddock lived from 1860 to 1904, when it is assumed that he was cut down during his last research-gathering foray to an isolated lakeside village in northern Norway.  Allegedly, the Bestiary was returned years later to Braddock's surviving fellows among the faculty of Vohrfen Hollow University; There, the book remained locked away in the library's vault until the vault was burglarized in the year 1989.  Oddly, the Bestiary was the only item stolen, and both the faculty and the police withheld all details of the crime from the general public.

  That the vault was burglarized in the exact year of Reverend Tannerbrook's return from oblivion has not been lost on certain investigators....

  The Bestiary has since remained missing, but perhaps one day it shall be found.  Until then, those who have dealings with the Ministry--from within or from without--may at some point chance upon certain Things That Should Not Be.  Their findings shall be recorded here for posterity.

  (Bear in mind that I have no way to password-lock these individual sections and may not feel inclined to use such security even if I had it.  All items under your own character's Bestiary are considered
character knowledge and those gleaned from other characters' Bestiaries become player knowledge, and are not to be acted on by the character in question.  I'm probably just preaching to the choir, but thanks for being reserved and honorable sorts all the same.)
Quinn MacIntyre Tomas Randler
Salem Sullivan