Aspects of the Supernatural, Part 2
Dark green light over heart, no other aura:
? ? ?
Gray light over heart, no other aura:
? ? ?
Gray "shell" aura, usually with no physical form:
Dark red shell, scratchy black halo (seen in light):
Gray shell with gray heart (has a physical form):
? ? ?
Full halo with soft or pastel rainbow hues:
Changeling, Seelie or in Bedlam
Darker chromatic halo:
Changeling, Unseelie or strongly Banal
Orbiting wisps, rotating elliptical corona (both same color as aura):
Hunter / The Imbued
Vertical streaks, with white radial starburst:
? ? ?
...With bright, golden radial sunburst:
? ? ?
Bright, golden corona:
Angel, virtuous demon or similar Celestial
Faint red corona, black scratches in aura:
Monstrous demon

Note:  All aura aspects listed under "Aspects of the Supernatural" are based on a gray "Sad" aura for the purposes of comparison.  With concentration, a ghost's predominant emotion may be interpreted by very faint splotches of color which are not readily apparent to a casual observer; The color of the ghost's shell--wraith or spectre--remains constant.
Red corona and nimbus, with orbiting sigils:
? ? ?
Rippling aura:
Subject is Frenzying
Golden corona:
Subject with True Faith
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