Aspects of the Supernatural, Part 1
Weak or faint aura:
Young vampire
Dark red edges, "thorny" blood-red halo:
Ancient vampire
Black veins in aura:
Vampire, Diablerist
Small, spiky red halo:
Young werebeast
...Larger, dimmer halo, more intense at the head:
Elder werebeast
Werebeast halo with sickly, runny colors:
? ? ?
Sickly blotches which move like floating oil:
? ? ?
Glowing, orbiting spots:
Subject under effects of "common" magick
...With purple sprinkles:
Subject under effects of mage magick.
Glowing white heart,
with spots and sprinkles:

Young or weak mage
Radiant heart and eyes:
Orbiting purple "stars":
? ? ?
Horizontal lines or scratches:
? ? ?
Misty or "disintegrating" halo:
? ? ?
No aura:
Fully dead, unliving or illusionary
Pieces of aura weak or missing
Amputee, or ? ? ?
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